Don’t act like you don’t know

Bojack Horseman is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Netflix, bravo.


For the love of classics

Why are the days of backwards compatibility gone? All the next gen systems are only capable of playing previous gen games by downloading them. I guess the days of keeping an older game to pick up later are gone. I was playing pokemon fire red and zoids battle legends.  Two games that are graphically ancient and yet they are so much more fun than so many newer games. Just a thought, maybe some older games should be free in order to try and deter people from relying on emulators.

“Free” MMO’s (All lies)

I have recently been getting back into the MMO world since the next gen consoles are just way too expensive for me right now. I can’t stand that the games should just be called free-to-a-point. Digimon Masters Online, great fun and true to the concept behind the show and games. EXCEPT, that once you get to the 3rd stage of evolution you need to start shelling out money for BS items in order to continue evolving for any Digimon besides your starter. All points bulletin reloaded, i was so happy when this game got brought back, fun open world team based combat… too bad the decent guns require money or else you’ll get picked off like a clown in a sniper range. Then the real problem begins… There are games like Aion, Age of Conan, Star Wars TOR so on and so on… where they are all very good games but they are the same good game… click to attack… 1 2 3 and 4 are your skills, go here bring this to this guy and kills 14 random monsters and then wait for the boss to respawn after someone just killed him right before you got here… Oh yeah better party up with like 12 people or else spend like 20 bucks to get any kind of unique equipment to be able to handle something single handedly.

It would be tough to reasonably expect to correct these problem but it doesnt make them any less annoying

SWTOR not just for nerfherders

Before I ever said anything about Star Wars: the Old Republic I wanted to try it out. For a while everyone and their mother talks about how awful this game is. Many complaints about it are fairly valid. However, it isn’t the worst thing out there. My only complaint is that free accounts are pointless, your experience gain is nerfed pretty unfairly and your access is very limited.  But 12.99 a month and you get the full access and some pay content curancy for free every month.
As for the gameplay, it plays like a revamped KOTOR blended with a very Fable-esk feel topped off with standard mmo skill purchasing and leveling. The storyline for the jedi is more then a little awkward including a mission to spy on and prevent two padawons from making out… of course this mission is given to you by a creepy old man…
The sith however have a very interesting story with alot of variation by your light or dark choices.
Overall its worth playing around with. And definitely worth reading into. Don’t just listen to the nay sayers

Star Wars: EA strikes back

Many hardcore star wars and  online shooting game fans were very excited about (EA owned)DICE’s take on the star wars battlefront. Now probably not featuring the awesome 501st. No gameplay is out yet…. but if the game plays like the battlefield series (3rd person hopefully) we can expect larger maps and teams than ever, Hopefully a much better melee combat system. My one concern is that there might be such a drive to differentiate between the old and the new that the many great aspects of the battlefront line will be lost. And even with the unexpected disappointment of bioware’s the old Republic, I wouldn’t want the many great things about mass effect 3’s online play to not find their way into battlefront.  I think the free running, quick skills and customization of ME3 would fit nicely.

Hopes for Star Wars

Many people are concerned with Disney purchasing the rights to Star Wars. The fear is that the focus will remain on the more childish titles like the clone wars cgi cartoon. However, with titles like pirates of the Caribbean and the lone ranger, and the cooperation with square enix to make kingdom hearts, Disney has proven to be capable of much more than the kiddie movies it is most famous for. Although typically relying on sophomoric humor to lighten the mood or using generic euphemism to avoid the dark and serious moments, this is something that Lucas arts was guilty of once they saw child fans had the real money. Such as the famous bar scene edit because they didn’t want Han shooting first. This didn’t change the fact that Han was a killer and a drug smuggler but it glazed over that fact. Just like captain Jack Sparrow is still a murderer, thief and pirate. The most important thing is that EA games/bioware will still be allowed to make the great star wars games in the old Republic line, which are pretty hopefully the books games and comics will not suffer a sell out like the movies did. I would love to see a revamp of cole skywalker and star wars legacy. Perhaps Disney will run a more child friendly line at the same time as a more mature, darker story line; something to showcase the real power of the force, something like darth nihilis’ world ending power. We can’t let them forget, star wars began as a samurai western set in space.

Region coding

Regional encoding has been a thorn in my side since as long as I can remember.  There are always incredible games being released in Japan that us NTSC and PAL losers can’t play. It is apparently hitting the fan now. Sony’s PSP and PS Vita were never region locked, which allowed us to play amazing games like Super Robot Wars ACE, and Digimon World Re-digitize. Surprisingly, neither of the first two models of the DS were encoded either. Since the DSi, however, Nintendo has regionally encoded their systems. Many are trying to fight this on the 3DS since it can be updated online we want to see the region lock taken off. I encourage all of you who have twitter accounts to go sign this petition and tell the gaming industry that foreign games just encourage us to learn a new language.  Especially if they aren’t releasing a English version of Re-digitize Encode (the expansion for 3DS)